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What is Thatch?

Thatch is a layer of undigested roots, leaves, and organic plant material that settles between the actual grass and the surface of the soil. This creates a thick barrier which prevents roots from growing deeply in search of water. Dethatching your lawn will remove this dead layer.

Aerating vs Dethatching

Both dethatching and aerating help to allow water, fertilizer, and air to penetrate deeper into the soil. Aerating works by removing plugs of soil while dethatching works by removing an entire layer of debris from between the turf and the surface of the soil with a power rake. Aeration is best when soil is over-compacted, while dethatching is best when the thatch layer is too thick. Each process treats slightly different issues, yet both provide exceptional results.

How often do I need to Dethatch?

Unlike aeration, which should be done about twice per year for optimal health, dethatching is only necessary when a thick layer of thatch is present. Our skilled technicians will determine which of these two services is necessary.

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