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Weed Control

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Importance of Weed Control

Weed control has several important benefits. Not only are weeds unsightly for your home, but they can carry crop pathogens, host damaging insects, and rob your lawn of nutrients needed to reach its potential.

Why use a Professional Service?

Tackling weeds is hard work. At Green Rabbit, we’ve developed comprehensive procedures to identify and eliminate unwanted weeds from your property while simultaneously fostering thick turf to help prevent them from returning. Many types of weeds are nearly impossible to eliminate by yourself. Additionally, our technicians are trained to follow strict safety procedures.

How do we treat weeds?

We employ a multi-step procedure to tackle weeds in your lawn and garden. The best way to keep your property weed-free is to create an environment where they will struggle to grow and survive. We do this by promoting thick turf growth which drowns any potential weeds of nutrients. For lawns that already have a weed infestation, we use effective spot-spraying methods which reduces the amount of added product needed.

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